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Smart Building Management

Sound Advice USA designs smart amenities for building developers. As a result, building management can easily communicate with the tenant's needs.

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Energy Management

Lower building costs and improve building emissions with smart energy automation controls. Sound Advice USA can deliver the solution.

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Digital Signage and Video Walls

Make a statement to your guests with a video wall digital display. Sound Advice USA designs video wall installations to meet your marketing needs.

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Crestron Building Automation

Take control of your business with Lighting, audio, Video, and Energy Management controls.

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Simplify and streamline the technology in your boardrooms, conference rooms or any facility. Integrated solutions from Sound Advice will make your business more productive.


Let Sound Advice incorporate audio, video and lighting to create a desired atmosphere, to educate and to entertain. Control and automate the lights, drapes, screens, thermostats and AV equipment via easy-to-use touch-panels, hand-held remotes and custom keypads.


Centrally monitor, manage and control architectural and interior lighting, thermostats, security, digital signage and distributed audio and video. Control systems in the bar, restaurant, lobby, spa and gift shops. Provide automated systems in Sky-boxes, VIP Rooms or Penthouse Suites.


Use DVDs, document cameras, Internet, streaming media and PC applications such as PowerPoint and Excel to present your curriculum. Control the AV equipment, lights, drapes and screens from an intuitive easy-to-use touch-panel.

"Flexible, Streamlined, Fully Responsive, and Simple to Operate"

With todays technology, you're business can practically operate itself!

Business process automation (BPA), is the strategy a business uses to automate processes in order to contain costs. It consists of integrating applications, restructuring labor resources and using software applications throughout the organization.

Sound Advice can assure that you're business doesn't miss a beat. Want to schedule a meeting in your conference room for 3pm? With the touch of 1 button, you can reserve the room and all of it's equipment. Now, the projector, shading, lights, computers, air conditioning and any other equipment needed to conduct the meeting will turn on just prior to the reserved time and will automatically be set to the pre-determined settings. No need to push power buttons or messing with cables. From 1 computer or smart device, you can have complete control.

With todays technology of automation, you can control virtually every aspect of your business including computers, smart boards, TV's, and audio. It's endless what you can control and once you have it, you'd have it no other way!

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Core Features and Benefits of using us!

  • Professional, Informative, and Creative sales staff with decades of experience.
  • On-site certified system designers.
  • Unmatched quality of products.
  • Experience in small to very large applications.
  • Nontransferable lifetime warranty on labor.
  • On-site Crestron "Master Programmer"
  • Certified installation technicians.

Our Team

Sound Advice is fortunate to have wonderful and creative staff. We have been serving in the industry tirelessly for well over 30 years. We have grown from a "Mom-and-Pop" Audio and Records Retailer to one of Louisiana's leading providers in Home, Mobile and Commercial entertainment and automation.

When you choose Sound Advice, you're not just getting a company who only cares about the sale. You're getting a company that is dedicated to assuring that your decision was the right one by providing you with the options, fairness, and quality that you deserve. Sound Advice has had the opportunity to design and install systems ranging from the single room theater system to 100,000 seat stadiums. We treat all of our clients with the same unmatched attention to detail, no matter the size of the job.

Sound Advice is one of Louisiana's leaders in the automation industry. We have been trusted to implement our automation designs in some of Louisiana's most iconic buildings. We truly enjoy making our customers satisfied and we know that once you choose us, the process has only begun. We will work for you to make your desires become reality and your expectations will be exceeded.

We don't just acquire customers at Sound Advice, we acquire clients. Those relationships foster into unbelievable working relationships. Most of our clients come back to us again and again for other applications. These clients don't just come because of the wonderful products that we offer. They come back again and again because, in addition to the wonderful products, we make our clients feel as though they are part of a family. The Sound Advice family. We cherish each and every one of our clients and we are looking forward to the day when we can earn your inclusion.

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Some of our Commercial Audio/Video partners

Sound Advice demands QUALITY partners

Here are just a few...

Crestron Automation Systems
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A provider of Automation and Integration components. Crestron provides high-quality state-of-the-art equipment in effort to automate and integrate any design. Their systems are designed and equipped for the expectation of future technology.

Denon Receivers
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Specifically crafted receivers designed to enhance the entertainment experience. The heart of most systems is the receiver. With Denon, you wouldn't have to worry! They produce receivers that can do just about anything!

Klipsch Speaker Systems

Premium speaker systems for any application. Klipsch provides speakers that can be recessed in the ceiling to towering floor speakers. If there's a speaker design, Klipsch has it.

Binary Switching Systems
Site Setup

Reliable HDMI switching control systems. Binary offers affordable systems that are compatible with most automation technology.

Danley Sound Labs
Content Transfer

Speaker Systems designed for applications ranging from the major athletic facilities to high-end theaters and performing arts centers

JVC Projectors
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JVC video projectors are used in some of the most demanding applications, from flight simulators to medical imaging to the home theaters of Hollywood directors and devoted enthusiasts. And while there is a JVC projector engineered specifically for each application, they are all based on the same JVC technology – D-ILA.