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About Us

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Key Points

Sound Advice USA Inc. established in 1976...

Richard Hale founded Sound Advice, formally MusicPlus, in the small Louisiana town of Franklin. Initially, he intended to be a Vinyl Records and Audio / Video retailer. However, over the years, Sound Advice has become one of the leaders in the Audio / Video / Automation Industry.

Experience to get the job done...

A lot has changed since 1976! Sound Advice installs can be seen ranging from some of the worlds most luxurious and rare vehicles to the most iconic Regional and National landmarks.

Multiple Divisions to better serve...

Sound Advice has developed multiple divisions in efforts to keep staff focus and expertise in the right areas of the business, therefore providing you with better products and service. The divisions consist of Sales, Installation, Design and Programming, and Mobile Installation.


I've been doing business with Sound Advice fo more than 5 years now. From home entertainment to car audio, their knowledge, workmanship and customer service has always been top notch! Build your setup in stages, or go whole hog, they'll design the perfect system for your entertainment needs.

Mark Watson Satisfied Customer

When my husband and I were shopping around for a perfect company to purchase our new home theater, we were getting confused with all of the terms that people were saying... RGB, RCA, ... and on and on! At Sound Advice, they kept all of the terms simple and I was able to clearly picture what they were designing. Awesome job! I love it!

Amy and Mike Ponder Satisfied Customers

Working with Sound Advice was a unique experience that I, and I know you, will actually enjoy!

Ahmed Satisfied Customer

A bit about our team...

So, you wanna know a little about who we are?

First of all, we would like to thank you for visiting our site and inquiring about our company. Sound Advice USA has been providing our clients with top-notch service for over 4 decades. We are not a start up business and we are very proud of the fact that we possess a very experienced and skillful staff that are equipped with the tool's necessary to complete ANY audio/video design imaginable. We have implimented our designs in locations that are considered national landmarks, local pillars to our community, the classrooms of today and extremely sacred areas, such as churches and museums. For many years, clients have trusted out creativity, ability, and attention to detail.

Sound Advice USA Inc. is a leading provider, designer, and installer of residential, commercial, and mobile audio/video systems. Systems that include automation and integration, networking, projection, and security cameras. In addition, Sound Advice possesses an extremely knowledgable and distinguished mobile division that provides and installs custom mobile audio systems in some of today's most luxurious vehicles.

Our commercial and residential clients have consisted of homeowners, business executives, and government officials among others. Our designs have been as small as the 1 room entertainment system up to automating and integrating hospitals, hotels and very large college football stadiums and arenas. Satisfaction is our goal as we strive to perfect every job that we do. Since 1976, our reputation for quality, innovation and professionalism has been carefully built with thousands of successful installations.

Our Mobile clients have consisted of owners of every vehicle imagineable. From a simple headunit install in the newly purchased pre-owned vehicle to a custom application in a $500,000 limited edition Ferrari. Sound Advice has the skills to make any dream become reality.

Our Staff is what makes us unique. Any Company can stake claim to that. But, we truly have an absolute unique set of qualified professionals that intimately cater to our client's needs and completely understand the industry, Residential, Commercial, and Mobile. They will listen and understand your wants and desires. They implement those wants and desires into unique designs that you will truly enjoy and use.

Sound Advice is set up in multi-division categories to better serve our clients needs.

Our "Sales" division, led by our Company General Manager Charles "Chuck" Lepisto IV, is dedicated to selling you exactly what you want. Our Sales division serves all of our sales, Residential, Commercial, and Mobile. Their goal is to provide you with exactly what you need to accomplish the design that you have explained, not to sell you what is most expensive. Satisfying you completely, in a way that will make you contenue to come back and use us for all of your audio/video needs, is the ultimate prize. They strive to satisfy the needs of our clients.

Our "Installation and Customer Care" division, led by our Company Vice President Rick Hale, is comprised of professional experienced installers, specialist in the home and residential audio/video industry. All of our installers have been thoroughly trained and are completely capable in installing EVERY product that we provide. In addition, the Installation division works closely with our Sales division to assure that you are getting exactly what was explained to you prior to the sale.

Our "Design and Programming" division, led by our Director of Technology and Enhancements Tremel Raby, is absolutely critical in assuring that you have a unique, yet very functional system. As a means to assure that you have no negative experiences, all of our automation and integration systems are completely programmed and installed at our on-site testing facility by our on-staff programmers. During that testing, our designers and programers do a complete walk through of your system, fixing any bugs or confusion that might exist within the program. After sucessfully completing the testing phase, the product arrives on-location ready to function properly, the first time! During the programing and testing phase, you will be able to coordinate with our designers and programmers to explain what you can and want to control. ANY system is only as good as their programmer. At Sound Advice, you can rest assured that you have the best in the business!

Our Design and Programming division is also tasked with maintaining Sound Advice's high quality and control requirements. As a part of quality and control, new product is thoroughly inspected and tested on-site. The testing phase is a very rigorous phase that not all product lines are able to successfully complete. Only upon sucessful completion of the tests is the product allowed to be included into Sound Advice's list of manufacturing partners, and therefore offered to clients.

Our "Mobile Installation" division, led by Kaeleb Smith, is responsible to the installation of all of our mobile audio/video sales. Sound Advice has an exhaustive inventory of kits and harnesses, for practically every vehicle manufactured since 1980. Our Installation division is also equipped with a complete wood and fiberglass facility to manufacture subwoofer enclosures, completely to custom specifications. In addition, our Installation division installs previously purchased equipment.

All of our Staff is under the direction of Richard Hale, Company Founder and CEO. Richard has extensive experience (over 40 years) in the industry and provides insight into every application. As leader of the company, Richard is experienced in every aspect of the company structure and holds all of the necessary programing certifications.

Lastly, we hope that you will find that our Staff, with well over a century of experience, is capable of handling any of your audio/video needs. We REFUSE to hide important quality and control aspects from our clients that can lead our clients to ask themselves if there were better options for their project that were not discussed or provided. We are ALWAYS upfront and honest about what you can expect from our company and the products we provide. In an industry of "hidden" costs and constant routine failures to provide realistic expectations in relation to product capability and/or performance, we refuse to take that sales approach. Our philosophy, one that has proven to be successful to our company and our clients is as we explained above. We strive to provide great service and products that we and our clients can be proud of to the absolute best of our ability, EVERYTIME. We undertand that talk is cheap. Please allow us to demonstrate and prove to you that we have the ability! We are extremely professional, knowledgable, well equipped and ready to assist you in any endeavour that you choose.

Feel free to scroll through our site and research what we do as a company. We are proud of our history and we hope to inclue you in our extensive list of very satisfied clients.