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10 reasons for Sound Advice

Quality of Product, Design, and Installation!
We Care about the job and your experience!
We have the Training and ability that is required to exceed your expectations!
We have a History of successful and creative designs and applications!
We're well Established in the industry, we'll be here if you need us!
We Understand you and what you want!
We're Locally owned and operated in the Baton Rouge area!
We have the Experience of over 40 years in the industry!
We stay Up-to-Date with the most recent technology and designs!
We condone an atmosphere of Family and Professionalism!

10 reasons to chose Sound Advice

We know that you have options. Over the years, there have been many competitors attempt to enter the industry. At Sound Advice, we welcome competitors to our industry. However, we also believe that even with competitors, there are no companies in the Southern region that can offer clients with the advantages that we can.

Sound Advice is a well established company that has all the tools necessary to make any project a success. With over 40 years in the industry, we have seen the industry transform away from the normal "simple" wire-based install. Now, with the newly emerging products, the simple install is a thing of the past.

Today, the ability to program keypads and other essential accessories are an enormous advantage to the company and clients. Sound Advice does not contract their programming services, or ANY services, out to a 3rd party contractor. We do the complete job ourselves. By not using contractors, it allows us to be in control of the outcome that we strive so hard to prefect. We know you'll be completely satisfied and we know that because we have control of the outcome.

#1- QUALITY- Top of the line products and accessories used for ultimate performance!

At Sound Advice we understand the importance of quality. As a company that designs and installs audio/video solutions, quality is paramount. Some would believe that a HDMI cable is an HDMI cable. However, it's not. This is true for many accessories. Your system is only as good as the accessories that are responsible for delivering the signal. Just because something is High-Definition, doesn't mean that the end-result will truly be High-Definition. We strive to assure our clients that when they chose Sound Advice they are choosing a company that is a result driven company that strives for exceeding our customers expectations.

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#2- CARING- Great customer service with staff that care about you!

Although the big box retailers can be very helpful to their customers at times, they are unable to offer you the unmatched customer service that Sound Advice is capable of offering and providing. When you speak to our staff, you're speaking with a capable and knowledgeable professional in the audio/video/automation industry. Our company doesn't provide anything else. We're strictly an audio/video/automation provider. We understand that you have options and we understand that there are an enormous amount of companies that claim to be established in the industry, however most of those companies are just starting out. When we tell you that we have been around for 40 years, we mean it. If you need assistance in the future, rest assured that we will be around to assist. Over the years we have perfected our ability to provide our clients with the satisfaction that they deserve. We leave no stone unturned and we satisfy our clients.

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#3- HIGHLY TRAINED- Entire staff is highly trained by the most capable instructors!

The ability to provide our clients with the service that they expect from an audio/video/automation specialty provider means that the training never stops. In today's changing world, the industry has become stronger, however, more complex. All of our staff is contentiously trained in the products that we offer to our clients. They regularly attend training seminars that are provided by the actual manufactures in places such as Dallas and New York. We train every member of our staff to do all that is entailed with providing excellent service. As a result, just because a staff member may be in the sales division, he/she is also trained in programming and installation. Training our staff to be well-rounded in the functionality of the products that we offer means that if you ever have an issue, they will be more prepared to assist.

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#4- HISTORY- History of completing top-notch designs and installs for "perfection expected" clients!

Over 40 years, Sound Advice has had the opportunity to complete many designs and installs on iconic landmarks, such as LSU Tiger Stadium, LSU Alex Box Stadium, Chimes Restaurant, and the Varsity Bar just to name a few... We have been trusted to design and install our products in these locations because of our ability to consider our customers needs and desires from design to installation. We have the experience to perform any project in the industry.

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#5- ESTABLISHED- Been in Business for 40 years!

From a small vinyl records company based in the small town of Franklin, Louisiana to Louisiana's leading provider of Audio / Video / Automation equipment, based in Louisiana's capitol city, Baton Rouge, Louisiana. A Recording Studio "B&D records", whom produced hit records for Hall-of-Fame band "Blac Dog", to the company that is presented before you today. That's the path that we have traveled. Although 40 years ago we never expected the industry to resemble anything like this, we welcome the change and embrace the opportunity. We began the industry when a cellphone wasn't even common, as small wireless hand-held cellphones weren't even a reality. To have that "mobile" ability inside of your vehicle, you were forced to install huge exterior antennas and phone headset boxes inside of your vehicle. Apple was yet to usher in the modern computing age with the release of Apple II, Fiber Optics was still in development, and the Sony Walkman was yet to be invented. As time evolved, so did our company. Now, computers are intertwined with any Audio, Video, and/or Automation project. The advancement of computers and microprocessors have allowed the things we enjoy everyday to communicate to each other in a way that was not believed capable back in the 1970's. We embrace and understand our technological history. We feel that the years have afforded us a remarkable edge in providing you with an application that you can work and enjoy.

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#6- UNDERSTANDING- Staff listen to your needs, wants, and budget from the design phase to completion phase!

Sound Advice employs a staff that is dedicated professionals in the industry. When designing or recommending products, the staff understands your budget and desire. They understand that an automation system can be a costly investment and want to make certain that what they recommend is exactly what you want. Sound Advice prides itself with the relationship that they we are able to build with our clients. With our structure, we can be assured that every possible solution will be reviewed and critiqued. We have countless repeat clients and we believe it is because at Sound Advice, not only do you get unbelievable quality, you can actually see the staff working for you from the beginning of the project till the end.

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#7- LOCALLY OWNED- Family owned with owners that care about your satisfaction!

The owners of Sound Advice is the Hale family, with the Founder, President, and CEO Richard Hale Sr leading the way. He is the patriarch of this company and is instrumental in the design and implementation of every single project. To this day, with over 40 years in the industry, Mr. Hale still provides his clients with the same devotion that that makes this company so successful. He understands that being a leader doesn't stop at an office door. He will take the time with our clients to assure their satisfaction. In fact, Richard Hale Jr. is also employed with Sound Advice. With a locally owned company, who cares and is invested in it's future, you will receive the quality and service that you need and deserve.

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#8- EXPERIENCE- All staff members have well over 11+ years with the company!

Sound Advice prides itself over the loyalty, quality, and capability of it's unbelievable Staff. Today, ALL of the Staff currently employed with the business have been employed by Sound Advice for 15+ years. In todays world, Sound Advice is extremely fortunate to have such capable and loyal Staff. Also, although all have over 15 years with this company, many have an even longer amount of time in the industry!

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#9- UPDATED- Staff stays updated with the latest training for all products that we offer!

The Audio / Video / Automation industry is constantly changing. It takes dedication to remain knowledgeable with the current technology. As a result, Sound Advice regularly holds meetings and seminars to update it's Staff with the recent updates involving the industry. This is the only way to assure that we provide you with the absolute newest cutting-edge technology available!

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#10- FAMILY- You aren't a customer to us, you are a client and most importantly a friend to the sound advice family!

Sound Advice doesn't have Customers; we have Clients. We chose "Clients" because every retailer claims to have customers. At Sound Advice they are something more than just a customer. They are part of our family. Above all we truly care about them and their satisfaction.

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